joanTelling of time spent in Connecticut and Rhode Island to an unanticipated move, Joan Tarca Alix will give an account of her journey as a daughter, wife, and mother, entwined with careers as student, educator, and administrator. In a presentation, Joan outlines her new spiritual awareness, and chronicles the inspirations and coincidental meetings that she now refers to as, “Only the work of the Holy Spirit.”

Then with her recent move to Florida, Joan proudly shares her joy and blessings of a coveted title as grandmother to five little girls.  Additionally, Joan will tell of friendships that she and her husband Patrick humbly embrace among religious, parishioners, and a selfless custodian of the United Nations International Pilgrim Statue of the World Apostolate of Fatima.

Joan Tarca Alix adds another dimension to her life by following an Alix-Tarca motto of Faith~Family~Friends. She explains how this motto enlightened the creative plan for A GIFT of MIRACULOUS~Fatima:Celebrating Her Centennial. Joan concludes with updates of diocesan and church events that she and her husband voluntarily plan for sharing Our Lady’s  message of hope and prayer.